Monday, May 19, 2008

Camp Storyboard Update

Despite not having left the house since Saturday, I didn't get nearly as far into my storyboard as I expected or wanted to. The amount of accomplishment I've made in general in the past two days has been less than desirable. This has largely been due to the fact that I take forever to actually sit down at my lightbox when I know the first thing I have to do is the most difficult part. In this case, it's the initial shot of the group at the fire. Going in, the reason I was so reluctant was because I'm still teaching myself to use perspective.

That wasn't the problem. Once I started drawing, I realized that if I wanted to have two separate logs (as in logs to sit on) of kids at opposing angles, I had to figure out how to compose this whole scene so none of them are so far from the fire that their sticks bear a closer resemblance to fishing poles than roasting sticks, as well as make it so the marshmallow sticks and stick-figure limbs of the characters don't end up overlapping into a complex and confusing network of lines. I finally came up with a composition that more or less works, and now it's just a bitch to draw over and over again. How the fuck did I think I could make the fire circle the entire short?

Anyway, though I will definitely not be finishing the boards tonight, I'm really hoping tomorrow I won't be too burnt out from work to do the rest, scan them, and make a Quicktime movie. Or... at least scan them. I also still have to figure out how to bring this to an end. I have an ending, but I haven't figured out how I'm getting there.

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